• BioSmart® Far Infrared Heaters use the industry's most advanced technology.

  • Our Far Infrared Heaters provide soft, balanced, therapeutic infrared heat.

  • BioSmart® is committed to improving energy usage with high-efficiency products.

In-Wall Heaters - Ceramic Far Infrared Technology

Introducing a New Revolution in Zone Heating

In-Wall 120V Heating System


In-Wall 220V Heating System

Choose our Biosmart Far-Infrared In-Wall heaters and save hundreds of dollars on your heating expenses for years to come! Now the ultra-efficient, therapeutic, and safe infrared heat that you've grown to love in our portable infrared heaters is available for your entire home, office or gym in an easy to install platform. Whether you're looking to increase the efficiency of your existing home, or build an energy efficient home, BioSmart® has the solution!  Call  1-866-446-0500

Best of all, BioSmart In-Wall Heaters are more affordable than you think!
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LISTEN to a RADIO INTERVIEW with Tom Wiseman of BioSmart Solutions.
In this interview, Tom discusses our advanced far infrared technology that can heat a home more efficiently than traditional central furnaces. Learn about our patented far infrared heating technology and how it produces soft, comfortable therapeutic heat and saves you money on your heating bills!

Our BioSmart® Therapeutic Ceramic Far Infrared In-Wall Heating System offers the most efficient and safest way to bring soft, comfortable, therapeutic, far-infrared heat into your home, office, studio or gym.  Far Infrared is also revolutionizing HOT YOGA studios by providing many additional therapeutic benefits besides an efficient source of heat.

Say goodbye to central heating furnaces that burn up oxygen and dry out the air and say hello to comfort.  The BioSmart® Therapeutic Ceramic Infrared In-Wall Heating System uses patented far-infrared heating technology to warm your home, office or gym.  Far-infrared heat penetrates the water molecules in the air to provide soft, comfortable heat, and is also the most efficient way to convert electrical energy into heat.  Infrared heat stays evenly distributed and is retained longer in the room without dissipating as compared to conventional heating sources. The human body also absorbs far-infrared heat far more effectively than any other heat source due to its deep penetrating ability.  This means that you do not need to run the infrared heater as high as a conventional heater on order to feel warm and cozy. Ceramic infrared heaters are almost 100% efficient at converting electrical energy into clean radiant infrared heat. 

The internal components are designed to last a minimum of 20 years and the housing and air-flow chamber are built to last a life-time. Without complicated heat exchangers and the duct work that is an integral part of conventional furnaces, the maintenance on the BioSmart In-Wall Heating system is virtually insignificant compared to these other systems.

BioSmart® heaters bring you a safe, affordable zone heating application that will provide comfortable heat and save you and your family money, year after year.

Builders now offering BioSmart® In-Wall Heaters!

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Scott Homes

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Eco-Friendly Eugene Homes

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Experience therapeutic infrared heat from BioSmart® at YOGA & PILATES Northeast

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Also at Suntouch Yoga - HOT YOGA Studio
in Houston, Texas

In-Wall 120V Heating System

In-Wall 220V Heating System

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