Energy Savings with Portable Infrared Heaters


How does far infrared heat help you save energy? Far infrared heating technology is the most efficient way to turn electrical energy into heat. The far infrared waves produced in the BioSmart® Far Infrared Heater move quickly on the water molecules in the air and heat your home evenly from floor to ceiling. The far infrared wavelength also penetrates and heats the objects in the room, which in turn radiate the heat back into your home.

zoned-heatingIn addition, BioSmart® Portable Far Infrared Heaters can save money by providing a simple and economical way to utilize Zoned Heating in your home or business. Never before has zoned heating been so easy, and so comfortable! The concept is simple! Turn down the heat in the areas of your home or business that you’re not utilizing and just keep the area that you are occupying warm and comfortable.  Heating experts unanimously agree that by simply applying zoned heating you can save 35-50% off your winter energy consumption.


The BioSmart® Far Infrared Heater will heat up to 1,000 square feet for only $1.20 per day (based on an 8-hour run time, using the national average of 10 cents per kWh).  Simply set the thermostat on the heater to your desired temperature and it will cycle off and on to maintain the set temperature in the room.   Because infrared heat is so penetrating, you will find that you do not have to set the thermost quite as high as you would on a conventional heater or your furnace.   For example, if you feel comfortable at 70°F you can set the infrared heater at 66 or 67°F and you will feel the same amount of warmth as if it was set higher.

The BioSmart® portable far infrared furnace will save you energy month after month all winter long, and can pay for itself in as little as three months.

Buyer’s Guide

I live in Alaska and heating costs here are out of sight. It was common for me to spend $350 per month in fuel oil, plus a hundred in extra electricity---$450 per month in the winter.

Then, a little over a year ago, I'd give the infrared heaters a try.

Imagine my amazement when these two small units completely and comfortably heat my house for less than $200 per month in the winter? They are so easy to clean and maintain, I really can't believe it--the "end of the furnace as we know it" has arrived. I have saved so much I am going to order two more units for another house I own.
Anna Von Reitz - ALASKA

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