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Therapeutic, Clean, Healthy Heat

newborn baby in far-infrared-heated incubatorNon-polluting BioSmart® far infrared heat is healthier, more comfortable, and more efficient than any other source of heat. Far infrared heat provides many of the benefits of natural sunlight without the dangerous effects of UV radiation. Hospitals use therapeutic infrared heat in their incubators for newborn babies. Best of all, heating with far infrared does not add pollutants into the environment, and does not deplete oxygen or dry out the air.

BioSmart® Breathe Easy Edition far infrared heaters also have a 4-stage air purification system (and optional 5th-stage gas absorption filter) for a dynamic two-in-one combo of air purification and therapeutic heat. All of our BioSmart® far infrared heaters produce healthy negative ions that not only have a host of therapeutic effects on the body but also help neutralize air-borne pollution.

In winter, indoor air can get stagnant because the windows stay closed and there is less fresh air coming into the house. Newer houses often have an issue with off-gassing from furniture, carpets and plastics so the air inside the house can actually be more contaminated than outside. The BioSmart® Breathe Easy Edition far infrared heater is the smartest choice for keeping your indoor air fresh and clean and germ free, while helping to keep your family warm and healthy during the winter months.

clean air - How is the air quality in your home?Conventional heating systems all diminish air quality in the winter by drying out the air and producing an irritating dry, static atmosphere. Since conventional heating systems also have to run at combustible temperatures in order to provide adequate heat, they deplete oxygen making you feel tired and drowsy. Add poor indoor air quality to the increased susceptibility of colds and flu in the winter and it's no wonder that many people are plagued with coughs and sniffles during the cold winter months. BioSmart® far infrared heaters do not destroy oxygen or humidity. Instead, they give you clean, moist heat, making BioSmart® the healthiest choice for you and your family's heating needs.

The BioSmart® Far Infrared Heater also offers therapeutic benefits.


BioSmart® Far Infrared Heat Is Therapeutic

BioSmart® Therapeutic Quartz Far Infrared Portable Heaters produce healthy far infrared heat waves which promote improved cardiovascular circulation and all the other health benefits associated with infrared appliances. The BioSmart® Far Infrared Heater is designed specifically to target water molecules. The heat from the BioSmart® Far Infrared Heater transfers evenly and quickly through the relative humidity in the air. Considering that the human body is comprised of approximately 84% water, the heat from the BioSmart® Far Infrared Heater penetrates the water molecules in the body, heating you and your family faster, healthier, and safer than any other heating source available.

Other benefits include:

  • Reduces muscle and joint pain
  • Decreases joint stiffness
  • Relieves muscle spasms
  • Increases flexibility
  • Increases blood flow

Soft Comfortable Heat with Negative Ions

waterfallNegative ions have been attributed to improvements in mood and physical health. That wonderful, exhilarating, super-charged feeling that you experience while standing by a waterfall or after a rain is due to the overabundance of negative ions in the atmosphere.

Negative ionization also has a very cleansing effect on the atmosphere. Conventional electrical heaters generate just the opposite, positive ions, which have deleterious effects on your health and well-being. The BioSmart Far Infrared heaters in addition to providing efficient therapeutic heat also produce negative ions that will not only enhance your mood and well-being but help to purify the air.

You will find that the soft, comfortable heat achieved with the BioSmart® portable far infrared heater is superior to any other heating source.  BioSmart® heaters produce a wavelength in the far infrared range that is most effective at providing penetrating therapeutic heat to the body,  thus heating you and your family more effectively, and more efficiently.

The BioSmart® Portable Far Infrared Heater ...

  • maintains balanced temperatures from floor to ceiling without the noticeable "cold pockets" common in baseboard heating systems.
  • promotes healthier, cleaner air by eliminating contamination that existing forced air heating systems, wood stoves, or kerosene space heaters create.
  • is a safe source of localized heat that cannot burn or harm pets, children, or furniture.
  • does not give off harmful radiation like conventional radiant heaters or dishes.
  • allows you to enjoy peace of mind -- our heaters are designed to last 20+ years!

2012 BIO-1500PA - BioSmart Breathe Easy Platinum Edition

BioSmart® Breathe Easy Platinum Edition Portable Far Infrared Heater

The far infrared heat waves produced by the BioSmart Infrared heaters penetrate the body and aid circulation, joint function and respiration.  This heat is never drying or irritating to the lungs or skin.  Far infrared heat transfers evenly and quickly through the relative humidity in the air and creates an even warmth throughout the area. 

The conclusion? BioSmart® infrared heaters will heat you and your family faster, healthier, and safer than any other heating source and are the perfect solution for heating your home.

Conventional Heaters vs. Far Infrared Heaters

An infrared heater, also known as an FIR (far infrared) heater, operates differently from a conventional space heater in that the infrared heat waves heat the body and objects of the room directly. The heat stays evenly distributed and the room retains the heat longer. In contrast, conventional heaters heat by first raising the temperature of the air within the room, which in turn heats you. The hot air rises and quickly dissipates out poorly insulated areas and cracks around doors and windows and results in uneven heat distribution, cold pockets and a greater concentration of heat near the ceiling rather than where you are down below. The hot air is also very drying and irritating to the mucous membranes of the respiratory passages and the skin.

A conventional heater has to work much harder to maintain the room at the desired temperature and cannot heat as large an area as an infrared heater can. Conventional space heaters usually operate at temperatures of 180° to 220°F. Most people cannot tolerate these high temperatures for very long and it causes the mucous membranes to dry out. This is why water or steam is introduced in the form of air humidifiers. Patients normally use FIR saunas at between 100° and 130°F. This feels like a warm, dry room and the perspiration characteristics are significantly improved. Not only does the perspiration contain more toxins and less water, but also more toxins are expelled through the kidneys, liver, and even hair due to resonant absorption.

Clean Air

BioSmart® Air Filtration

The new BioSmart® Breathe Easy Edition Far Infrared Heater incorporates our own patented BioSmart® 5-stage Air Purification System to eliminate airborne bacteria and viruses, allergens, pathogens, VOCs, odors, smoke & toxic fumes.

5-Stage Air Purification System:

  • Lifetime Electrostatic Pre-filter -- traps dust and other particulates
  • UV Light -- germicidal disinfection, kills airborne viruses, bacteria and micro-organisms
  • TiO2 Plate -- TiO2 photo-catalyst hydroxyl radicals are more effective and safer than ozone at destroying contaminants and hydrocarbons
  • Negative Ion Generator -- neutralizes free radicals & pollutants and has many health benefits
  • Optional Gas Absorption Cartridge* (sold separately) -- solid hydrophobic carbon: absorbs smoke, gaseous contaminants, and VOCs

BioSmart® Breathe Easy Edition Far Infrared Heaters are designed to solve the age old problem associated with re-circulating indoor air during the winter months. The bacteria and viruses that cause illness are spread in many ways, including through contaminated air. One sneeze and everyone in the family gets to share the cough syrup. We all know what this means in time off from work, doctor visits and missed days at school.

The solution is in the new BioSmart® Breathe Easy Edition heater with BioSmart® Air Filtration Technology. This air filtration system is used in major hotels and is sold exclusively by Ace Power, Inc. Now the benefits of BioSmart® air filtration have been incorporated into the new BioSmart® Breathe Easy Edition heater. The system is 100% Effective up to 500 Square Feet and is controlled separately by on/off toggle switch on back of unit -- the unit can run with or without air purifier.

The BioSmart® air filtration technology inside the new BioSmart® Breathe Easy Edition heater is a time-tested system that was first patented in 1987 by the founder of BioSmart Technologies. Subsequent patents have followed as the technology advanced through the years. The system consists of an electrostatic pre-filter, a gas-absorption cartridge* (optional) for odor removal, an ultraviolet light for germicidal disinfection, a TIO2 membrane for both germicidal and hydrocarbon break-down and an ionization module for both mood enhancement (winter blues) and to increase efficiency of heat transfer through the room. The air purification system can be turned on or off independently of the heat exchanger in the BioSmart® Breathe Easy Edition heater.

*gas absorption cartridge sold separately.

Buyer’s Guide

My family liked our heaters, so we went out and bought 6 more. My mother is 85 yrs old and she said in all her years she never had so much even heat in the house, no matter where you go the temperature is the same. I already told you how quiet they are, I think my fridge makes more noise than 2 of your heaters do.

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